Our Mission

Providing the most professional broadcasting, media and productions services.

At SABA GROUP, a company established in Lebanon and registered in the commercial register of the department of Baabda under the number 2029083; the main aim will always be to provide services and solve major media problems. The variety of services that the company provides, makes it a self-sufficient company that can offer media producers a bridge for their words to be spread.

The channels don’t know how to link their programs to the world, what satellite can provide them the most suitable plan for their needs, which frequencies are growing the quickest and where users are really spending their times.

SABA GROUP offers full customized services referring all media genre according to the customer needs:

  • Back-hauling and a full satellite broadcasting services for all channels in the world for them to choose the most suitable satellite frequencies.
  • Live broadcasting services with hosting all the needs for a live services for the channels with a premium quality.
  • Providing fully equipped studios needed in the programs production.
  • International dubbing with a variety of experienced talented voiceovers.
  • Production plans to produce high-end programs with an option for the client to choose his starting point from the different stages of the production (Development, pre-production, production, post-production and distribution).
  • Reporting with experienced team that offer reports and documentaries service in many countries.


THE WORLD IS A SMALL TOWN, and SABA is linking it together with strong bonds.

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