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About Us

Saba World is a key market player in providing technology- led managed services to the broadcasting industry in the Middle East and neighbouring countries.

We provide comprehensive, customized solutions across content management operations (including content storage, enrichment and automated play-out) and distribution (including satellite broadcasting/uplinking, digital streaming and cloud distribution.

We provide end -to-end solutions across key segments of the broadcast content delivery chain. With a robust track record of over 10 years, we have been offering most agile and stateĀ­ of-the-art services to broadcasters. We are driven by a passion to help organizations and channels build and deliver stronger and innovative services.

Saba World enables channels and broadcasters make their operations as efficient and cost-effective as possible, thereby unleashing new potential across organizations. Our uniqueness lies in our ability to assist our clients to meet complex technical and operational challenges and thereby enhance productivity.

Saba World 's ability to conceptualize, architect and implement new and expanded capabilities allows clients take their business to the next level.


THE WORLD IS A SMALL TOWN, and SABA is linking it together with strong bonds.

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