Saba WORLD Offshore SAL

Broadcasting & Media Technology Services

We provide:

Consulting, design, workflow management, manpower planning, supply of turnkey projects, build-operate-transfer, training and outsourcing complex media technology operations through completely customized offerings.

We offer consultation services for setting up all types of television channels (news, entertai nment, educational, sports, and religious. Our service offerings include providing studios, PCR, MCR, CAR, voice over booth, editing suits, playout automation, outdoor production units, and technical training.

We start engagement with our clients right from planning, system designing to integration, installation, testing, commissioning, and final delivery of the project. This is all done while adhering to agreed timelines and budgets.

Our strong relationship with leading equipment manufacturers and global service providers allows us to provide flexible service delivery model.

Our Services Include:

  • Back-hauling and a full satellite broadcasting services with world-wide coverage and choice of satellite frequency.
  • Provide live broadcasting services including all hosting requirements for channels to broadcast with premium quality.
  • Offer fully equipped studios required for programs production.
  • International dubbing with a variety of experienced talented voiceovers.
  • Production plans to produce high quality programs with option to choose starting point of production stages (Development, pre-production, production, post- production, and distribution).
  • Reporting services with experienced personnel available in hot-spot countries.


Key Market Player
  • One of the key players of satellite broadcasting and media production services in the Middle East region
  • Sustained value-add to clients in content production and delivery services
Fastest Response Time
  • We truly understand that availability of service and distribution services are mission critical for broadcasters
  • We ensure your business never skips a beat, even in the face of challenging circumstances
  • Saba World - A true 24x7x365 operational company
Expertise/Skill set

Our strong technical manpower, robust and future ready infrastructure along with a standardized processes ensure high quality of service.

Saba World's facility and service delivery are well equipment and setup to ensure channels continue to broadcast under challenging circumstances
  • Reliable and mirrored playout signal
  • High content security
  • Premium automation system with built-in features for providing consistency with the primary playout channel
  • Cost-effective off-site providing lower operational expense
  • Facilitates seamless integration with most of global known automation system, graphic system, and headed equipment. Therefore, eliminating the need for a separate process to bridge operations between main site and backup site
  • A mix of main and backup channels in one site for diverse and resilient disaster recovery
  • In house expertise managing and monitoring mirrored playout with low-cost solution
  • Facility for parallel uplinking to various satellites.

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